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Collected thoughts:

Last verse
2012-01-23 07:54:16

Today wraps up our Inner Circle Stonecutters Song. If you're interested, here's one of the original threads on RebelScum where it appeared. It was a hoot. Thanks to Tommy, who consolidated all the various verses into a song, for giving me permission to use it in my strip.

I did not have a good Vintage weekend. I had a couple items I upgraded on eBay that ended Sunday. One was a carded figure, which went for maybe $20 less than I'd hoped. Not horrible, but disappointing.

The other was a Roman Ceramics cookie jar. If you look for them on eBay, there's a few they're asking $300+ for. That's ridiculous, but $200 is a fair price. Now mine was damaged and repaired, so I wasn't expecting near mint price. I was just hoping for, I don't know, maybe $50.

It sold for $1.50.

One hundred fifty pennies.


The auction had 12 viewers! And not one bid within 5 days of the auction ending! I'm gutted.

Now I just gotta hope I didn't underestimate the cost of shipping, otherwise I'll effectively end up PAYING the winning bidder to take this cookie jar off my hands.

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