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Collected thoughts:

By request - Yao Ming
2012-04-11 07:57:31

So this is one Rage Face that doesn't evoke in me the accepted, industry-standard emotion. The Yao Ming face is dubbed the "B*tch please" face. I don't see it. To me it looks more like the "I'm suffering from intestinal cramps" face, or the "oh crap I can't believe I just did that" face. I see pain and regret. But perhaps it's just the rendition.. the photo that inspired it looks far more happy than suffering.

Being the team guy I am, I wrote the comic using the canonical interpretation of the image.

On an unrelated note - I'm growing a beard. But not just any beard - a Penguins beard! The past few years the Pittsburgh Penguins have done a charity "Beard-A-Thon" to benefit the Mario Lemieux Foundation. Pens fans sign up, take pledges, and grow beards for the duration of the playoff season. A few years ago I unofficially showed support by not shaving my goatee - and the Penguins won the Stanley Cup. This time I'm going all out lumberjack. Only thing I'll be shaving is my neck... because I can't stand how that itches. I figure if I'm gonna do it, might as well do it officially. So I signed up and I'm now taking pledges.

You can view my profile and submit a pledge right here. Check out my freshly-shaven mug. You can donate with a credit card or PayPal, and using PayPal takes all of 90 seconds. If you have a couple bucks you won't miss languishing in your account, consider putting them towards a good cause. The Mario Lemieux Foundation supports cancer and neonatal research, so it's money well-spent. And you'll be supporting my efforts towards looking ridiculous. I've never grown a beard before, so I don't know what to expect. It probably won't be pretty. But at least it'll be better than Sidney Crosby's beard. I might not have time to grow anything respectable anyway, given the brutal first-round match-up. I'll do my best... and with some luck maybe I'll get the chance to get all Grizzly Adams.

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