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Collected thoughts:

Catastrophe averted!!
2012-04-13 08:30:04

I logged in to post my comic this morning... and it wasn't there. Typical Friday the 13th luck. I had forgotten to upload the comic from home. Thankfully my wife was available and able to E-mail me the file so I could upload it from here. So your Friday the 13th was not ruined by a lack of C7YB.

It's funny because the subject of today's Rage Comic is averting catastrophe... through high quality acrylic cases! Contrary to the rumors, Oscar's Cases is still in business. The problem is that his ability to ship out his wares is currently inhibited by raging Mexican drug lords. We've been telling him to move to the USA for years now... but does he listen? Damned cheap labor...

Enjoy your weekend!

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