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2012-06-01 07:35:54

So - status report - the root canal went splendidly. The dentist was surprised I wasn't in debilitating agony for the last few weeks based on the degree of inflammation in the tooth. I guess I have an unusually high tolerance for tooth pain. Right now I'm taking some drugs, but I doesn't even feel like anything was done to the tooth... other than that it no longer aches. Other than my jaw starting to cramp from being open so long, it was an altogether uneventful experience. And for dental surgery that's probably the best you can hope for.

Today's strip is the last before I go on a short break. I'm going to a conference for work next week, and won't be posting any comics. In an amazing coincidence, I'm heading to Orlando during the final weekend of Star Wars Weekends. But I don't think I'll have the day off Saturday to attend. And honestly, I don't know that I actually WANT to attend... other than exclusive Disney swag that I don't collect, I don't get the appeal. The parade? The free autograph (after spending $90+ on admission)? The longest lines of the season for Star Tours? What?

I'm thinking if I did get Saturday off I'd rather lounge at the pool and relax. I'll be down there in August anyway, so no biggie.

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