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Nothing to see, here. Move along!
2012-06-04 08:01:04

As I teased on Friday, I won't be posting any comics this week. Headed down to Orlando for a conference. Won't be visiting Disney, most likely, despite it being the end of Star Wars Weekends. Still it should be fun... get to receive a major award for technical innovation in healthcare. Ask me five years ago where I thought I'd be now, and "receiving a major award for technical innovation in healthcare" would have been near the bottom of my list. Strange where life takes us when we seize on opportunities for change.

So, no comics. However I do plan to post something tomorrow if I can muster the initiative to drink a beer tonight. That's right... gonna stomp all over Beedo's turf on CreatureCantina.com. While the brew doesn't measure up to some of Beedo's finest (well... ANY of Beedo's finest), the name works.

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