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Collected thoughts:

Illest city on the map
2012-07-23 08:00:34

As much as my daughter loves them... I couldn't go with hamsters.

I saw Dark Knight Rises Friday, but I didn't see myself. Those two days as a extra in the stadium were probably all for naught. When the Blu-ray comes out I'll probably go through frame-by-frame to see if I see myself anywhere, but it's not likely. In most scenes where I would have been visible, the crowd is blurry. And the one good scene Nolan shot where I certainly would have been visible didn't make the final cut.

On top of that, the movie just was not that good. Very poor writing. The last hour made no sense. I left the theater profoundly disappointed. Apparently Nolan couldn't duplicate the brilliance that was The Dark Knight and could only deliver a film on par with the very clunky Batman Begins.

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