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Collected thoughts:

Angry Birds
2012-11-21 08:00:16

So after the Star Wars Angry Birds collaboration (which was executed brilliantly, IMO), you gotta figure that other licenses out there are also looking to partner up. And there's no question which Star Wars-centric, avian-based web comic makes the most sense to utilize next.

So what powers will these birds have? I'd think freeze power would make the most sense for the Penguin... but they've already done that! Maybe the Penguin could break through those annoying-ass steel and wood platforms that every other bird just bounces off of... but ONLY those platforms. And the Parrot? I'm thinking sort of a "Hulk SMASH" ground quake power that makes everything around it bounce. That'd be sweet.

My only complaint with Angry Birds Star Wars so far is that they completely ignored Leia through the entire New Hope arc. She should have shown up in the later Death Star levels! Holding back Leia until Hoth? Criminal!

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