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Great pics and tag lines. Can't wait to see the snow at the door pic. Of course if you jumped in the pool that would make a great pic too !

Posted by: JJ    February 8, 2013 3:06:35 PM CST

Collected thoughts:

Too soon?
2013-02-07 21:15:11

I had planned to fly to New York City Friday evening to attend Toy Fair. The weather looked great up until yesterday. Then a blizzard decided to happen. And my flight was cancelled. So after 90 minutes on the phone I was able to get onto an earlier flight. Like 9 hours earlier. But hey - beggars can't be choosers.

As a result I won't be around in the morning to post my comic, so I'm gonna do it now. This is actually, in my opinion, the funniest of my J. J. Abrams comics. So enjoy this early weekend gift!

If you want to follow along on my New York adventure, you can follow my Instagram feed: http://instagram.com/billcable. I just signed up today and haven't taken any photos yet... don't really have a clue how it works... but Lynda said I should do it so there we go.

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