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Collected thoughts:

Gonna get racial
2013-02-13 08:19:17

Today C7YB comes to you with a HUGE scoop from Hasbro's Toy Fair event. The reps from Hasbro were frustratingly tight-lipped about which figures will comprise the second wave of the 6" BLACK line. They wouldn't give even a hint of who we can expect. But I was able to pry from them one tiny tidbit, which I'll share with you today.

Abandoning all good sense, I asked the question that popped into my head early on when I heard the new line would be called "BLACK." I asked, "So are we going to be getting any black Black figures in the second wave?" To which I received the response, "Huh?" I then explained, "You know... Lando? Mace?" The rep was noticeably uncomfortable (not my intention) and then responded, "Oh, I don't think of it that way" before providing the only nugget of REAL news on Wave 2 to come out of Toy Fair.

I can report with certainty that neither Lando Calrissian nor Mace Windu will be part of Wave 2.

See that?? Actual news about Wave 2! Brought to you by C7YB and CreatureCantina.com! Suck on that RebelScum and SWAN and YodasNews and AFi! HA!!

I did follow up by expressing my hope that Lando would eventually be made, and then we chatted about other stuff for 20 minutes, so my effort to get over the awkwardness of the initial query went well and left the poor guy feeling OK. Hopefully we'll be invited back in 2014...

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