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Collected thoughts:

Ahead of the curve!
2013-03-01 08:19:08

Normally when I post a comic it's two weeks behind the times... whatever I wanted to joke is long forgotten. But today's comic I wrote and drew BEFORE the Google Glasses were introduced. So I'm referring to something that's currently still in the news. Score!

Tomorrow marks the season finale of The Clone Wars, and the last new episode to air on Cartoon Network. There has been panic over the future of the series because Disney didn't announce it'd be on their schedule right away. But news from yesterday should end any fear. It was announced that Tim Curry has been cast as Palpatine. Why would they cast a voice actor for episode that will never air?? They wouldn't. Everyone can now rest easy.

Though it might be a bit disturbing hearing the voice of Dr. Frank-N-Furter coming out of The Emperor's mouth going forward...

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