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Collected thoughts:

2013-10-02 07:55:57

I love bad wordplay. It's rare that I come up with a fairly decent pun, so I'm proud when I get to use one. If only my puns weren't so violent...

Whenever I post my comic, to get the link of the latest one to post on Facebook, I always click the "Random" button in the navbar at the top of the page, then click the "Last" button. Otherwise the date isn't embedded into the URL. This morning when I did it, I got to a comic from almost exactly one year ago. And it's striking... both with how dramatically my art has evolved in this comic in just over a year, and just how fitting a comic it is given last night's Pirates post-season victory. Enjoy this blast from the past:
Celebrating 20 years!

If I keep this up I might actually become a decent artist!

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