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Collected thoughts:

Be prepared
2013-10-16 08:07:56

This comic is about 4 months too late to do you any good. I pre-ordered my Playstation 4 the day after the price was announced at E3. That was before all the backlash against the Xbox One really hit and it was clear that the One would be a failure... so I can't take credit for choosing the better console based on price, power and features. I just like the Playstation brand, love the first party developers like Naughty Dog, and knew it was the console I'd get this next generation. It just kind of worked out that it's also the best console and the most in-demand Christmas item of 2013. I'm just happy I'll have one waiting for me at 12:01am on 11/15. A lot of people won't be as lucky. But then, from what I hear about the fantastic yields they're seeing, there might not be that bad a shortage. So good luck with your own hunt!

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