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Collected thoughts:

Now I don't want to go off on a rant here...
2013-11-11 07:58:35

Before we begin I'd like to wish all the veterans who have served this country a happy Veterans Day. That wish goes out in particular to my dad, who served in 'Nam. Have a great day!

Now to begin: This week I'm going to get nasty. I was recently shocked by a post I saw on RebelScum which included a population report of AFA-U graded loose action figures. According to the population report, as of July 2010 AFA had graded over 7600 loose, Vintage U-grade figures. That means they destroyed the packaging of 7600 individual action figures. I own roughly 150 MOC Vintage figures... so that's like AFA destroyed my collection and 50 other comparable collections. FIFTY! That's not just irresponsible, that should be CRIMINAL!

So I'll be talking about that this week...

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