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Collected thoughts:

AFA rant - absolute destruction
2013-11-13 07:39:44

Today I continue my reaction to the post on RebelScum which linked to a population report of loose figures AFA graded as "U". That is - figures they ripped from their original packaging and sealed in acrylic boxes. To say I think this damages the hobby would be an understatement. The number back in 2010 was almost 8,000 Vintage packages shredded. Gone forever. Three years on... who knows... that might have doubled. All these figures destroyed by a company for the sake of profit - in a scheme they INVENTED so low-grade packaged figures would be subject to their scrutiny. "People are never going to send us a MOC C7-YB figure for grading... how about we mark loose figures from those packages we open as 'untouched', 'uncirculated', 'pristine!'... that'll expand our market five fold!" It's also EVIL! And they have thousands of suckers out there desperate to chase a number to prove their collection is somehow better than everybody else's... There's a lot of blame to go around here. But the tragedy started with naked greed. This is not a company that cares about the hobby. On Friday I'll finish this series and tell you what that should mean.

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