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Collected thoughts:

Not enough time in the day
2013-11-22 07:35:51

So today's comic was the one I was supposed to draw last Thursday night - the night of the PS4 launch. I ended up drawing it Sunday before I drew a second comic. That's because I spent pretty much all day Friday and Saturday playing Assassin's Creed 4 on my PS4. I can't give AC4 high enough marks. I'm barely playing the story missions - I just keep sailing around sinking ships, building my fleet, and upgrading the Jackdaw. It's endless fun. Each naval battle is unique because the waves and weather make every one different. Sometimes your target will be completely obscured by smoke, and you're firing blind. Sometimes there will be a huge storm, and you're shooting off the crests of waves when the other ship comes into view. It's truly awesome.

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