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I can see why collectors who had the items graded could demand money back, but I don't understand how people who bought AFA-graded figures could sue the AFA (unless you could prove something like willing collusion to deceive buyers).

It would be like finding out that your employee cheated to get through college, and then suing the university for not catching them.

That being said, this seem really bad for the AFA's reputation.

Posted by: Tresob    January 16, 2014 4:11:21 PM CST

Collected thoughts:

Fine print
2014-01-15 08:04:03

This ToyToni scandal has a lot of people saying "There should be a class action lawsuit against AFA because they graded all these fake things." There are collectors out there who've spent many thousands of dollars on high-grade ToyToni MOCs which graded AFA85 or AFA90. They relied on AFA's expert eyes to ensure these MOCs were legitimate. And now their figures are worthless. Should AFA shoulder that blame? They graded over 1000 of these things. Well, even if you think they should, the fine print on their COA covers their butts...

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