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2 years of bad weather in a row. Think you need to invite me next year so it all goes as planned !

Posted by: superbowltrooper213     February 15, 2014 12:44:29 AM CST

Collected thoughts:

Happy V-Day!
2014-02-14 10:22:20

I love nothing more than obscure references that nobody else will get. This on makes me laugh out loud. And on this Valentine's Day it's pretty ironic that I'll be alone in that laughter.

I'm flying to New York today for Toy Fair. Hopefully. My first flight was already cancelled. My second is 90 minutes later than the first. I pray that second one isn't scrubbed as well. It was kind of nice - Orbitz automatically booked me a new flight when the first was cancelled. As long as I land by 10am Saturday I'm in good shape. Crossing fingers...

And finally, if you'd like to see the photos I Instagram from Toy Fair, follow BILLCABLE.

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