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The great Toy Fair 2014 Wrap-Up!
2014-02-24 08:39:49

Happy Monday everybody! So - Toy Fair had my schedule kind of out of whack. As a result, this is the only C7YB comic strip you'll get this week. Your regular schedule will resume in March.

I've spent most of my time posting photos from Toy Fair. I posted so many that I pushed half of them off the first page within a day. Given the pain it is to dig up articles out of the archive, I figured I'd post a summary here. Lots of amazing toys! Fun times were had! Check out all the amazing toys coming your way in 2014!

Toy Fair Hasbro: Star Wars More Angrier Birds
Toy Fair Hasbro: Star Wars BLACK
Toy Fair Hasbro: Star Wars REBELS!
Toy Fair Hasbro: Star Wars Command
Toy Fair Hasbro: Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy
Toy Fair 2014: Masters of the Universe Classics (by Beedo)
Toy Fair LEGO: Star Wars
Toy Fair Yomega: Star Wars Yo-yos!
Toy Fair  KOTOBUKIYA: Star Wars
Toy Fair  ThinkGeek: Star Wars
Toy Fair Comic Images: Star Wars PLUSH
Toy Fair: Fantasy Flight Games
Toy Fair: Quantum Mechanix
Toy Fair: Metal Earth Models
Toy Fair: MZB Imagination
Toy Fair: Underground Toys
Toy Fair Hasbro: Marvel
Toy Fair: Simpsons Greatest Guest Stars
Toy Fair: Archer by Factory Entertainment
Toy Fair: The scraps

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